» Foundry

Indigenous availability of castings is a prerequisite for driving the growth of the engineering industry. Towards this end, TPE has taken the lead in establishing foundry facilities for manufacturing castings which rank as the most modern and largest in the country. The castings produced in this facility meet the stringent quality standards for critical machine frames, automotive components, precision parts for CNC machine tools and other industries.


Foundry division is backed by advanced testing labs, CAD / CAM centers, well equipped pattern shops and other support facilities to ensure customers requirements are fully met as per their specifications. This unit’s products are widely accepted by the customers globally due to the technology tie ups and installed capabilities to meet the international standards. The product is a very generic in nature and the industry has a very good potential to sustain in meeting the import substitution demand within Indonesia, in addition to the overseas requirements.


The foundry unit has an operating capacity of 50,000 tons per year, having foundry 1:6 molding lines and 2:3 molding lines, include two high pressure lines and three jolt and squeeze lines supplying iron and aluminum castings. It has the capability of producing very complex and sophisticated castings like engine cylinder block and head including castings of core shooting process.


The Foundry facilities are located at Semarang and covers 10 hectares of land with shop area of 35,000 square meters and have foundry, Preparatory Machine Shop and Electronics shop with expertise in CAD/CAM and Pattern making.